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Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy to prevent the birth of a child. In medical terminology, it is known that the fetus is expelled from the uterus even before it reaches the stage of viability.

An unexpected or unwanted pregnancy can lead a woman to have an abortion. Having unprotected sex or forgetting to use birth control pills can lead to unwanted pregnancy.

In the United States, it is estimated that one in three women abort before the age of 45. A safe abortion can end a pregnancy without causing complications in the future. If you want to have an abortion, you must consult a medical specialist.

An unsafe abortion can damage the uterus, affect a woman’s health and damage her intestines. Unsafe abortions are usually performed in places where the resources and skills to perform an abortion are lacking. It is estimated that approximately 25 million unsafe abortions occur each year worldwide.

Therefore, you should consult a doctor who will guide you through the procedures necessary for an abortion. There are two types of abortion: surgical and medical. As the name suggests, surgical abortion involves minor surgical procedures performed by specialized doctors.

On the other hand, medical abortion involves the use of an

  • Cytotec 200 mcg (Misoprostol)
  • MTP Kit
  • RU-486 (Mifepristone)

drug to help terminate the pregnancy. Pregnancy Abortion can be performed when the pregnancy has reached the second trimester (about 15 to 24 weeks).

Pregnancy abortions, on the other hand, are successful in the first trimester (or within 9 weeks) of pregnancy. Medical abortion involves the use of pills such as mifepristone or misoprostol.

This medicine is given to you when you see your doctor. Mifepristone works by blocking the effects of progesterone and causing uterine contractions. Misoprostol increases uterine contractions, making it easier to pass contents.

The abortion process is completed within 7-10 days. You should see your doctor after 2 weeks to see if an abortion has occurred. Follow your doctor’s advice to easily terminate your pregnancy.

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